Types of Sliding Doors to use in a Child’s Bedroom

The furniture intended for a child’s room is chosen with special care. It is very important that the child is in a comfortable and safe atmosphere. Storage space in a child’s room requires a comfortable, eco-friendly and spacious solution, which also decorates the...

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Why Installing Glass Room Dividers is a Good Idea

Sliding glass room dividers have become an established trend in the redevelopment and design of commercial or residential space. Installing glass room dividers is a perfect way to give your space an elegant and new look without remodelling the entire area. Not only...

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Top 5 Benefits of Interior Sliding Doors

There are many features you can add to your home in order to improve its interior design, one of them being sliding doors. There are indeed many benefits to having sliding doors inside your home. However, in this article, we will focus on the main advantages to help...

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Assembly of Sliding Doors

This is a quick video to show you the sliding doors assembly in our warehouse. First, the aluminum pieces (the framing) is cut to exact measurements according to the assembly scheme. Then, the necessary holes are pierced in the vertical handle profiles for the screws....

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Modern Closets

There is not a single apartment without a closet. Previously, it all boiled down to a model with swinging doors. Now the doors of the cabinet can be opened in different ways. To save living space, we developed modern wardrobes and sliding doors. They not only...

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