Weird question! Of course yes!

What is this post about? As always – about modern sliding doors in the wardrobe, in rooms and living areas. 

Remember what happens when you first get into a new luxury car, after having driven in an old car for a long time?

From the very beginning, you are simply shocked by the smoothness of the movement and its quick reaction to your actions.

And so much so that for the first period of time, you press too hard on the brakes and the gas pedals, eventually getting a feel for the car.

You will not believe this! The same thing can happen to you when you replace your old clunky doors with modern new ones!

Their ease of movement, silent gliding and smooth braking at first will shock you. You also need to get used to it.

But, as the saying goes, you get used to the good things quickly. Soon, you realize that to close our sliding doors you just need to slightly push it with your finger.

The soft-closing mechanism will do everything on its own.