Written by Nadezda

January 25, 2020

What am I talking about?

Very often we are asked to come and make an estimate on the spot …. I don’t like to refuse, but in this case, my heart is tight, I have a lump in my stomach and I say …. no, not right away.

Why not ? Why not ? Not because we are lazy to come to your place and not because business is getting better and better, but because we are trying to make you less dependent on us!

Because now the situation is such that more and more people, after sending us their measurements and receiving the price of the door, immediately want to buy it.

Yes, our prices are below market prices for similar doors and the delivery time is fast.

In addition, these doors can be seen and experienced better in their assembled form, which we show in our showroom!

It’s a new product and you should see it first! Because you and only you will continue to enjoy a whole new view of your home, by simply changing the doors of your wardrobe.

I have had this advice more than once.

And since we install the doors ourselves, we are also responsible for the correct dimensions by sending the installer to take the measurements at your home for the production of the door that suits you.

So send me the width and height of your opening, come open and close the doors installed in our showroom and be surprised with the product we will give you!

And don’t worry! In 99% of cases the price after the visit of the installer will not change.

I remain silent on the best guarantee on the market ….!

If you have any questions – write to us in the comments.

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  1. Jasna

    I appreciate your blog and explaining why you do not come to the home right away.
    I have different situation, do not own a car and it is hard form me to come to the show room. Anyhow, my question is if you are making custom design doors. Most of the companies, when they say “custom” mean custom size doors. That is not what I am looking for. I need custom design. Thank you


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