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How to install closet doors on tile?

A fresh and clean room invites positive energy into your home. Spilled clothes and other items in your room will discomfit you if your guest arrives at your home all of a sudden. Not only this, scattered items in your room make you feel uneasy and unfocused at work. Having a closet in your room is a great way to keep your room organized, fresh, and clean. Installing a closet door helps you organize your clothes and other stuff in your closet. Your room will no longer be unpicked and scattered. 

If you are considering installing a closet door but are afraid of breakage of your tiles due to drilling, here is a comprehensive guide on “How to install sliding closet doors on tile.”


Of course, people love their tile floors. A crack in even one tile can ruin the beauty of your floor. That is why most people are worried about tile breakage when drilling the tile while installing a closet door on it. But you do not need to think much. Just get ready with the proper tools and go through our comprehensive guide to installing sliding closet doors without tile breakage or damage. This comprehensive guide is divided into three parts so that you can easily understand the installation process and minimize the chances of tile breakage. 

Before you start, here are some tools that you will need to begin the closet door installation process. So be ready with a:

  • Hacksaw
  • Pencil
  • Tape measure
  • Screwdriver
  • Indelible marker

Remove all the items from the closet and free up the space. Now follow this step-by-step installation process:


Remove the existing closet door

Unscrew the existing hinges and tracks and remove the old door. Make sure that closet openings are free from any obstructions. 

Measure the height and width of your closet opening 

Take a measuring tape and take an accurate measurement of the height and width of your closet opening. Just write down the measurement so that you can refer to it later when you go to buy the closet door. 

Buy a sliding closet door and its track 

Once you measure the closet opening, just look at the product specifications and buy the one that will fit in your closet opening. If the tracks of the closet doors you buy are longer than the actual size of your closet opening, you can cut and resize them as per your requirement. Longer tracks have the solution of cutting down and resizing, but make sure the tracks you buy are not smaller than the required size of your closet opening. Otherwise, they will be too small to fit in your closet. If your closet is particularly wide, you may need to buy more than two doors. If it is so, buy a track that can hold more than two doors.


Top track positioning

Position the closet doors track into your closet opening to see if it fits in or not. If they are longer than the width of your closet opening, use a hacksaw to cut some tracks off. Use the scale to measure the width accurately so that you do not cut the track shorter than the actual size of the closet opening. Remember that you can cut off the long track, but shorter tracks have no solution. Once you resize the door track, position the face of the top track down toward the floor. 

Screw the top track into place 

You will have screws that come along with the door set. Drill the screws into the screw hole and set the top track. Make sure that all the screws are properly set into these holes so that the tracks are held securely. You need help from someone in holding the track and drilling process, so have someone there to assist you. 

Positioning the bottom track 

The position of the bottom crack should align with the top track. Accurate positioning of the upper and lower tracks is crucial; otherwise, the closet door will not fit properly. 

Placing the bottom track

Just like you set the top track into its place, locate the screw holes along the lower track and drill the screw to fix it up. Make sure that the font and back runner of the top and bottom tracks align with each other. 

When it comes to setting the bottom track on the tile floor, most homeowners do not want to drill into the tile floor, assuming the risk of tile breakage or damage. If you also have a lovely tile floor and do not want to take risks, there is no need to worry. There is a great alternative to drilling tile floors. You can glue the bottom track on the tile floor instead of drilling screws. This way, you can protect your tile floor from breakage or damage. 


Fit the roller into the top track of the first door

Hold the door in such a way that the top of the door is tilted backward. Each door has two runners, named back and front runners. Latch the wheel on top of the door on the back runner of the upper track. The wheel rolls along with this runner and helps the door slide back and forth. The first door slides along with the back runner, and the second one moves along with the front runner of the track.

Fit the wheel into the bottom track of the first door 

Now set the bottom wheel into the back runner of the lower track. The door that you have set on the front runner of the upper track should align with the front runner of the bottom track. If you, by mistake, set the upper part of the door on the front runner and the lower part of the door on the back runner of the track, the door will slant and won’t move.

Fix the wheel on the second door into the top and bottom track

Just like you installed the first door in its place, do the same, but this time, insert the wheel on the front runner of the track. If you are done, make sure that both the doors are sliding back and forth properly without interfering with each other.

So these are the step-by-step guides for installing the closet door on the tile floor. If you still face any problems while installing the door, you can refer to the instruction manual that comes with the closet door set.


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