Suspended Doors

Suspended doors aluminium system (non-threshold system) is becoming increasingly popular among buyers. The system is designed for sliding doors, interior doors, and room partitions. The biggest advantage of this type of sliding doors is that they do not have a bottom track. For this reason, they are mainly used as room separators, giving the home a modern and unique look. The top mechanism may be attached to either the wall or the ceiling, making it possible to build these sliding doors from wall to wall and from floor to ceiling. Furthermore, our suspended doors are made of aluminum and hardware of the highest quality which makes the doors long lasting with extra-light gliding.


  • Suspended doors without the bottom track;
  • Can also be used as packet doors;
  • Any front width, any number of doors;
  • Excellent for very wide and for very narrow doors;
  • Can be easily trimmed at the bottom.



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