Types of Sliding Doors to use in a Child’s Bedroom

The furniture intended for a child’s room is chosen with special care. It is very important that the child is in a comfortable and safe atmosphere. Storage space in a child’s room requires a comfortable, eco-friendly and spacious solution, which also decorates the room in bright colours. The easiest solution is covering the storage space in a kid’s room with custom sliding doors which are safe, easy to use and can decorate the space with bright colours and images.

Be sure to take into account not only the size and shape of the room, but also the characteristics, style and the overall design. Therefore, the most convenient option is to plan the production ahead of time to match the specific colours and images of the sliding doors to the overall design of the room. Due to the large selection of materials and types of decorative finishes, this closet will not only be a place to store clothes and toys, but also a bright decoration for the room that the child will enjoy.  


Melamine sliding doors are one of the easiest closets doors to produce as the material is very light but strong. Due to its rigidity, it will not be easily broken which makes it one of the best and cheapest materials to use in a kid’s room. The texture and shade can be chosen for any interior. The palette we use is diverse: bright, fresh and natural colours will create a warm and creative atmosphere. It is also possible to choose neutral shades which will match any interior as the child grows and changes tastes. 


Mirrored sliding doors have the property to reflect light, thereby giving the room a more spacious look. You can use this quality if the nursery or the kid’s room is small. There are many benefits to mirrored doors which you can learn about here

In addition to this, the child will be interested to study its own reflection, dance or sing in front of the mirror.  Later, they will be able to choose their own outfits standing in front of the mirrored doors. Therefore, this type of sliding door designs will always be useful and will never grow out of fashion, hence its popularity as a closet door panel. 


If you want to make the closet door in the child’s room original and spectacular, you can use sliding door panels with coloured glass. Modern technologies allow to make strong, practically indestructible, safe glass sliding doors. Using a variety of colours will successfully combine the closet doors with the rest of the furniture in the nursery. 

In addition to this, according to Sciencing, children are attracted to bright colours such as the primary colours – yellow, red and blue – as well as the secondary colours – green, purple and orange. Using these fun colours in closet doors is a perfect way to decorate your child’s bedroom!


Photo printing on sliding doors is an increasingly popular and modern way of decorating the door surface. It allows you to create an interesting, creative atmosphere in the room. On our site you can find wardrobes for children in different versions. Kids will be pleased with fairy-tale characters, magic castles as well as various cartoon characters. Some children will also be inspired by the living world of flowers, animals or even sea views. There is no image you cannot find on Adobe Stocks! Simply write a keyword of what you are looking for and we can put it on glass or acrylic closet doors. 


This method of decorating the doors of children’s furniture is no less effective. Acrylic is a very soft, but resistant material. Therefore, it is also a good material to use for your kid’s bedroom closet doors. You can decorate the doors using a combination of various acrylic colours giving it the same effect as the glass panels mentioned earlier. In addition to this, the images on the acrylic surface can be applied by yourself using a marker; they are quite easily erased and they can be made on any surface of acrylic. This could be a “safe zone” for the child to express their creative thinking!


Do not forget that you can also use a combination of insert materials mentioned above. This will give the closet doors a unique look and the advantages of two or more materials. Also, these types of doors may allow you to match to any interior design more easily! 

For instance, it is possible to pick a melamine colour that will match either the furniture or the floor colour while simultaneously using an image in the middle of the door with the child’s favorite cartoon character. Once the child grows out of the cartoon character, you can always replace the image with another one or use a simple neutral background. The opportunities are endless!


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