Written by Nadezda

January 18, 2020

What a strange situation!

We have just changed the sliding doors of one of our customers who installed them just two years ago, paying $3500 for them at our competitors.

They were very disappointed that the warranty was only one year. After a while, the doors started to loosen the bolts on them had to be re-tightened every time. 

The doors began to collapse and the company responded that the warranty period had expired and the panel had to be re-ordered! That’s $1,700, Carl! For a new panel!

So let’s get right to the point. Why can our doors be called not only the most beautiful on the market, but also the most durable?

First of all, all the doors are made in Quebec. We do not order doors from China and do not wait 12-16 weeks for delivery, like other companies. 

We believe that the two-month delivery time for doors penalizes the customer! 

Because the doors are made in Montreal, we monitor the entire assembly process and control every detail, delivering the door at once, maximum three weeks if the order is large. 

The elements from which the door is made are designed for loads twice as high as those to which they are exposed and tested. The components are pre-tested several times by European manufacturers. 

This is why our warranty is the most advanced on the market! 

If you don’t believe us, ask your questions in the comments or better – come to our showroom.

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